The Accommodation Rooms & Apartments
KARNAYO at Kastellorizo island

The comfortable rooms and apartments with unique architectural style will make your stay memorable, because beyond a peaceful location overlooking the harbor or mountain, is equipped with all necessary amenities such as:

  • bath
  • air condition
  • refrigerator
  • kettle
  • TV
  • kitchen (for the apartments)

The distance of just 25 meters from Kastellorizo harbor ​​gives you the opportunity to live away from the daily stressful commuting by car or other vehicle, since the distances on the island, is small enough to allow walking tour.

Any visits beyond the walker can be by sea, with one of the boats or boats of our island.

Situated in this small and remote place, owners and staff rooms and apartments "Karnayo" trying to serve you and satisfy to the extent feasible desires offering you unique moments.


Information on accommodation in KARNAYO

The rooms and apartments "KARNAYO" in  Kastellorizo Island consists of 2 blocks. The first house is located just 25 meters from the sea and consists of 2 traditional apartments of 2 and 4 people. The second house,  is very close to the sea as well, but in a more quiet area for lovers of peace and tranquility and consists of 4 traditional double rooms.


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